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    These glasses feature the classic Taiwan Beer flying-banner logo as opposed to the modern circle-seal logo. With a unique capacity of 143 ml, they come in a set of 6, ideal for sharing with family and friends. Add these beer glasses to your collection and create a real Taiwanese sauté eatery feeling at home!

    The origin of the Taiwanese 143 ml glasses

    Pouring drinks, receiving drinks and toasting are essential to the drinking culture in Asia. By following certain etiquettes, people form deeper relationships faster and easier. Using smaller glasses provides more chances for people to perform such etiquettes.

    The default toast in Taiwan is Ho-Da-La (乎乾啦, cheers) which literally means "dry it up." And unlike in the West, you'll be expected to empty your glass after each toast given, or at least give it your best effort. This also led to the trend of avoiding larger glasses to be used on the table.

    During WWII when Taiwan was heavily involved in the Pacific War, recourses were scarce and productions were interrupted. The price of beer was once skyrocketed due to rice shortage and alcohol being used in medication. The Monopoly Bureau of the Taiwan Governor's Office of Japan (later reformed into Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation as we know today) further shrunk the glasses they produced and made 143 ml the standard size for all beer glasses. They hoped this could slow down consumption and flatten the price. Whether that tactic actually took effect is untraceable, but the 143 ml glasses have indeed became widely accepted across the island and used until today.

Classic Logo Taiwan Beer Glass 143 ml set of 6

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