Gold Medal Taiwan Beer-Quintessentially Taiwan

Award Winning Taste
Taiwan Beer is an amber lager beer with a distinct taste from the Formosa Rice as a special ingredient. It has won international awards, including the International Monde Selection in 1997 and the Brewing Industry International Awards in 2002. That’s why it is called Gold Medal, and that’s how the beer is appreciated worldwide.
Rice Lager Beer that Stands Out
The flavor of beer brewed from 100% malt is usually described as strong and heavy.
But Gold Medal Taiwan Beer, brewed from the very best of Taiwanese local rice, is crisp yet maintains all the rich flavor of the malt. The Formosa Rice was once the tribute to the emperor and now a luxurious ingredient for a quality beer.
Taiwanese Beer that Shares the Philosophy of Taiwanese People
As the paradise for foodies, Taiwan is famous for its night markets, street foods and seafood. It’s about fusion and sharing that lies at the heart of Taiwanese food culture. With a mild and smooth taste, Gold Medal Taiwan Beer becomes the perfect accompaniment to Taiwanese food or any of the world’s other cuisines.
Enjoy a premium beer experience with Gold Medal Taiwan Beer, quintessentially Taiwan.